A richly historic man made waterway, the Great Dismal Swamp Canal MegaSite  is dedicated to the enslaved and free men that built the oldest  made waterway in America.  Now recognized as part of the National Underground Railroad, this historic waterway is a national treasure and the basis of this website.

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Chronology of  the Great dismal swamp

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c1665    Lake discovered by William Drummond

1728     Dismal Swamp Canal proposed by William Byrd

1763     Lake Drummond charted by George Washington's surveyor

1764     Dismal swamp Land Company chartered

1787     Dismal Swamp Canal authorized by Virginia Legislature

1790     Dismal Swamp Canal authorized by North Carolina Legislature

1793     Work on the Dismal Swamp Canal began

1802     William Farange builds first hostelry in Camden County, N.C.

1803     Thomas Moore wrote "THE LAKE OF THE DISMAL SWAMP"

1805     Dismal Swamp Canal began limited through navigation for flat boats

1810     Jericho Canal completed

1812     Feeder Ditch completed

1814     First recorded passage of a vessel other than a shingle flat

1818     President James Monroe visited the Dismal Swamp

1819     First Lottery held to raise funds for improving the Canal

1820     Second Lottery held

1822     Cross Canal completed

1823     First passage of completely loaded schooner "Rebecca Edwards"

1825     Erie Canal completed

1826     U.S.Congress purchased 600 shares of Dismal Swamp Company

1826     Dismal Swamp Canal enlarged as a shoal draft ship canal

1829     Third Lottery held

1829     Lake Drummond Hotel built

1829     President Andrew Jackson visited the Dismal Swamp Canal

1829     Federal Government purchased 200 additional shares of stock

1830     "Lady of the Lake" first steamer designed to ply the canal

1830     North West Canal completed

1867     State of Virginia's 600 share holdings sold at auction

1871     North West Canal closed by dam built to conserve water

1878     Congress sold it's shares in the Dismal Swamp Canal

1890     Emma K - Dismal Swamp's favorite vessel - was built

1899     Dismal Swamp Canal enlarged in substantially its present form

1929     United States Government purchased the Lake Drummond Company

1974     Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge created
Foilage on the Canal

Great Dismal Swamp Mega site is your center for historical and photographic information.  This page features a collection of articles and photographs from starting from the vision of a canal thru the swamp right to the modern day operation of the Great Dismal Swamp Canal. 

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